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If t-shirts were invented 5000 years ago

20 Sep '16

My fan-boy moment

Do you know when you started to dig ancient history?  Is there a defining moment?  Or has it always been the case for you?  It wasn't for me. Certainly, it was partly because I was getting older and more aware and interested in those who came before, but I was also lucky enough to be exposed to a great story-teller who was "...a  history fan, not a historian".  Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is more than a podcast.  His latest series Kings of Kings was a 12 hour telling of the rise and fall of the Achaemenid Persian empire where with his carefully crafted episodes, Dan is able to put you in the banquet hall when Astyages feeds Harpagus his only son at suppertime.  Just Brilliant.

To commemorate the conclusion of the Kings of Kings series, I had sent him a Xerxes and Leonidas election style shirts.  And being the class act that he is, wrote to say thanks and pass on some encouraging words.  Coming from him, it really meant a lot. 

19 Jul '16

History Tees featured on Hide Your Arms

Posted by Rob Calabrese

Online, there are many T-shirt blogs.  They highlight interesting designs, talk about new brands, and do reviews.  I have found getting a feature on these blogs a challenge, with the key being persistence, and plain ol' good manners!

I was so happy to see History Tees featured on Hide Your Arms, one of the most popular T-shirt Review Sites on the internet.

The shirts and brands are submitted to Hide Your Arms, and Andy gives a (sometimes brutal but always honest) review.  On the HT submission:

Andy: Cool idea, I like the way it takes something we;re all used to and puts a fresh twist on it, but is pretty unusual in the tee game these days.

18 Jul '16

The History Tees Affiliate Program

Posted by Rob Calabrese

Part of marketing History Tees has been making connections.  This is usually with bloggers and forum administrators whose audience, I feel, would be interested in history themed Tshirts.  Most of the time when I reach out, there is now response.  But, sometimes you will hear back from an enthusiastic blogger, and all of a sudden, the whole thing is worth while!  (Every once in a while ya need a little validation when starting out!)

One of those enthusiastic was the UNRV team.  "United Nations of Roma Victrix" is one of the biggest forums on the web for archeological news, book reviews and basically anything Roman.  We were ken to work together and have since put together an affiliate program. 

History Tees Affiliate Banner

The affiliate program is run through an app called Refersion.  In a nut shell, if anyone on the UNRV website clicks the History Tees Banner, they are taken to  the shop, and if they make a purchase 30 days within clicking a link, a commission will go to the great folks at UNRV

The key to making an affiliate program worthwhile is your partners.  So if you have a forum or blog whose audience you think would be interested in History Tees, send me a message!

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